About Us

Steve and Scott

Fugitive Watch was founded in 1992 by two bay area police officers, Steve Ferdin and Scott Castruita. Fugitive Watch is a reality-based television show, newspaper and web site, Fugitive.com.

It features exciting stories on crimes and fugitives. Fugitive Watch has been credited with over 2,500 captures or solving of crimes. It has successfully combined law enforcement, local business and the community into an effective crime-fighting tool.

As one law enforcement official stated, “Because of Fugitive Watch, there are thousands of more eyes on the lookout for fugitives”. Fugitive Watch has been featured on all the local news programs, newspapers and in nationally televised programs like World News Tonight with Peter Jennings, Inside Edition and Unsolved Mysteries.

They have also televised Spanish language stories and have been featured in local Spanish language newscasts as well as international television programs like “Primer Impacto”.

Fugitive Watch has been endorsed and commended by California Governor Pete Wilson, the FBI and the entire bay area chief’s of police and sheriff’s.