Make a Donation to Fugitive Watch to Help Us Fight Crime

If you’d like to make a donation, you can do so via our GoFundMe page. No account is necessary.


Fugitive Watch began in 1992 as a local “Most Wanted” program.  Since then, Fugitive Watch, with the internet, has expanded world wide capturing fugitives all over the world.

Watch Video Newscast Below to Learn More About Fugitive Watch


Watch Video Newscast Below About the Capture of an International Murder Fugitive

Fugitive Watch also began a newspaper distributed in San Jose, California. Fugitive Watch receives no tax money and is solely supported by business and private sponsorship.

Fugitive Watch has been endorsed by local, state and federal law enforcement.

Police officer’s lives have been saved, dangerous fugitives captured and human suffering from crime prevented because of Fugitive Watch supporters recognizing fugitives on this website.

Fugitive Watch has been recognized and endorsed by California state representatives including Governor Pete Wilson.

Fugitive Watch enables millions of citizens to strike back at crime from the safety of their living rooms. As a retired police officer with over 30 years of service, I can say that law enforcement can not fight crime alone. We need your help.

By continuing to work together we can continue to save lives, reduce violent crime and make our cities and community’s safer for all of us. Contributions to Fugitive Watch are not tax deductible. Advertising or sponsoring fugitives can be tax deductible call us for details.

What do we use the money for?

We pay students to help post information on our web site Facebook and Twitter. We pay to print our newspaper and distribute. We pay for the production of the TV show. We pay for phone lines and equipment upkeep. We pay for web professionals to maintain our web site. We also pay for information at times for dangerous fugitives.

We welcome any support you can provide. If you would like to make a contribution at this time please go to the credit card button below. We maintain strict privacy of your personal information. No information will be shared with anyone.

Thank you for any support you can give Fugitive Watch.