January 6, 2015:
The first Fugitive Watch of 2015 recaps the most popular discussed stories at Fugitive.com, including a shootout where the store clerk gets the upper hand. Show #212 was originally broadcast live on Ustream on Jan 5th, 2015.


November 9, 2014:
Police in Washington DC are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying suspects caught on camera carrying out a flash mob robbery on a convenience store.


August 16, 2014:
The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department reports that Justin Johnson has been identified as a person of interest in the robbery of a liquor store on South Bascom Avenue that was caught on a surveillance camera. Justin Johnson’s whereabouts are currently unknown. Deputies are asking for the public’s help in locating him.
Justin currently has two outstanding warrants for his arrest: One felony arrest warrant out of San Jose Police and a felony parole violation warrant.


August 13, 2014:
Captured on video, a Mission Impossible style burglary, a dramatic robbery of a computer store and an off duty Sheriff shoots and kills a teenager who tried to rob him.


July 12, 2014:
A running shootout in a hotel hallway, a “Gangsta style” robbery suspect and much more on this edition of Fugitive Watch.


April 14, 2014:
Shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday, April 13, Las Cruces Police were dispatched to the report of an armed robbery at the Pic Quik store at 1770 S. Telshor Blvd. Officers learned that two masked men entered the store. One of the men, armed with a handgun, demanded cash from a store clerk.


April 5, 2014:
Police in Saskatoon, Canada have issued a warrant for one of five suspects believed to be involved in the armed robbery of a downtown jewelry store.


March 31, 2014:
On March 31, 2014, at 12:28am, 2nd District officers responded to a radio call for a shooting inside the Roosevelt Motor Inn located at 7600 Roosevelt Boulevard.


March 27, 2014:
The Tulsa Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects in this video. According to detectives, on March 26 two male suspects entered Abby’s Cash for Gold located at 4107 S. Yale Ave. and stole $20,000 cash.


February 26, 2014:
The Stockton Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect in this video.
According to the department’s Facebook page, on February 26, 2014, at 10:00 am, the suspect seen in the video broke into a house in the 7000 block of Tristan Circle and stole items.


January 29, 2014:
Campbell police are seeking the public’s help identifying a man who is suspected of sexual assault and attempted robbery.


January 26, 2014:
Belmont police are seeking the public’s help identifying two burglars who were captured on home surveillance footage.


October 1, 2013:
An armed robber who pulled a gun on a store cashier left with his tail between his legs when the clerk, an Iraq War veteran, reacted quickly using his years of training and pulled out his own gun on the robber. Within a split second he had his own gun inside the robber’s mouth.The robbery took place in a store in Marionville, Missouri, and was caught on camera.


July 31, 2013:
The Phoenix Police Department is asking for the public’s help to identify this suspect. On July 3, 2013, this suspect allegedly attacked a lone female, knocked her down and stole her purse.


July 24, 2013:
The Fort Wayne Police Department is presently investigating an armed robbery that occurred on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 at approximately 4:25 p.m. at 3028 S. Calhoun St., site of Mon Asian Grocery.


July 6, 2013:
Suspect allegedly kicks a female victim in the head during a street robbery in San Francisco.


May 29, 2013:
Santa Clara police are trying to identify a man with a duffel bag who rode away on a mountain bike after stealing a package from a resident’s front porch on May 17, a police spokesman said today. The theft occurred at a home in the 1900 block of Hillebrant Place. The act was captured by the resident’s surveillance camera, and the footage showed the man, who appeared to be in his mid-30s, picking up the item and placing it into a dark-colored Nike bag, police Lt. Kurt Clarke said.


May 26, 2013:
A Brinks armored guard shoots back as he is robbed in Florida, a man fires into a restaurant in Philadelphia and the NYPD needs help to ID a brutal robbery suspect.


March 5, 2013:
A dog my be an excellent form of home protection for your home. The Fugitive Watch crew checks out California K9 Connection in San Jose. Also, more alleged bad guys and gals need to be caught.


January 18, 2013:
Laurice Barrett has been identified as the alleged dog killer in SF, another wild video of a store clerk that fights back during an attempted robbery, and Hernan Coto and Jesse Jurado are on the run from Santa Cruz County.


January 11, 2013:
The first show of 2013 begins with a shocking video of alleged long time New Orleans crook Anthony Fields pistol-whipping a store owner during a robbery. A man in Florida is wanted for abusing a pony and a dog killer is sought in San Francisco.


December 29, 2012:
It’s the last show for 2012 and we take a look at robbery video where the store owner fights back and gets in a shootout with the crooks.


December 21, 2012:
A beating is caught on camera in Cleveland, Ohio, Jaime Cardenas and Fidel Silva are wanted for murder in East Palo Alto California, a robbery caught on video in New Orleans, Lester Mosley is wanted in South Carolina and a CRAZY shooting all on video in Florida.


December 7, 2012:
Features videos of armed robberies in Philadelphia, Florida and Alabama, plus police still need your help to find alleged murder suspects Rafael Carballo and Jason Brown.


November 30, 2012:
A female store clerks gives a would-be robber what he deserves and we share two videos of smash and grab jewelry store robberies. Also featured are wanted fugitives Ernie Gilbert Grajeda, Eli Ohayon, and former State Prosecutor turned fugitive James Cameron.


November 16, 2012:
A store owner fights off would-be robbers, John Stahl is wanted for more than just alleged bad hair, Anthony Batta is wanted after being arrested over 50 times and Fugitive Watch fans take on the Marijuana debate.


November 9, 2012:
Features a brutal stabbing in New Mexico and a suspect is sought for an assault on a bus in San Francisco. Fugitive Watch fans comment about a women who claims police caused her breast implant to burst. Submit a caption on the Fugitive Watch Facebook Page to possibly win a free T-shirt.


November 2, 2012:
A female clerk was brutally beat during a robbery of a gas station convenience store in West Covina and the crime was caught on camera. We need your help to ID the suspect.


October 26, 2012:
Features two crimes caught on video in California. First an armed robbery in San Rafael where the suspect wears a mask and then a carjacking and then hit and run of a 70 year old victim in San Jose. We need your help to ID the suspects.


July 29, 2012:
Fugitive subjects are wanted for the following crimes caught on video… a hit and run in Buena Park, a 14 year old boy is attacked in a housing project in the Bronx and a stolen classic 1971 Pontiac GTO is stolen in Oakland, California.


May 13, 2012 (Part 2):
Fugitive Watch continues with video of a theft victim who is shot, but then shoots back and a footage of a couple stealing a bait car.


May 13, 2012 (Part 1):
Fugitive Watch returns with video of a Deputy that walks into the fight of his life and scammers in the SF Bay Area target the elderly.


February 13, 2012:
Fugitive Watch for February 2012 seeks your help to ID subjects wanted for various crimes throughout the US. See all the fugitives and more at Fugitive.com.


January 7, 2012:
Fugitive Watch begins 2012 by seeking your help to solve a home invasion robbery in Gilroy, California. As always we have a whole new group of wanted fugitives that need to be eating cheese sandwiches in jail. We wrap it up with the 5 Top Stolen Property Recoveries from Stolen911.com for 2011. Thanks for joining.


September 6, 2011:
iPhone users attract crooks, A brutal bar room assault is captured on video, and much more from Fugitive.com.


July 10, 2011:
Fugitive Watch switches to a new format for it’s half hour program. A copper thief needs to be identified in San Jose, a kidnapping suspect is sought by Morgan Hill PD, a dad uses his kids to steal from a car, a 1965 classic Chevy pickup is stolen in Lincoln, CA and we show you how to find stolen property on Craigslist. Let’s see who is going to be in jail soon. Thanks for help us fight crime and don’t forget to subscribe.


July 6, 2011:

  • A murder suspect is caught on video in Oakland, CA
  • A takeover robbery of a car rental company in Florida
  • Two fugitives are wanted for the murder of a 10 year old boy
  • A Kidnapping suspect needs to be identified in San Jose.
  • Stolen Triumph motorcycle recovered at stolen911.com


May 16, 2011:
Fugitive Watch is back and now in HD. This week we try to ID robbers of a 7-11 in Milpitas, California, and an attempted sexual assault is caught on video in NY, but a brave victim makes her escape. Still Wanted are two cowards believed to be hiding in Mexico. Fugitive Watch revisits the brutal crimes in the hope that justice will be served.


February 26, 2011:
A fight turns into a shooting in Stockton, a take over robbery of a jewelry store is caught on tape in Mission Viejo, Sex Offenders need to register and the discussion continues on the Fugitive Watch Facebook page.


January 30, 2011:

  • San Jose Police Detectives take a second look at a cold case murder from 2006.
  • A attack by two men captured on video at a San Diego Light Rail station.
  • A suspect uses a machete to rob a store in Henry County Georgia.
  • Murder suspects wanted in San Jose and San Francisco.
  • Stolen 911 makes a recovery of a stolen steel guitar worth $3000 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


January 23, 2011:

  • Shoplifting suspects at Costco like the Wii.
  • Armed Hotel Robbery in New Mexico.
  • Vallejo women preys on ATM users.
  • Shocking video of a Texas custom tire shop robbery.


January 17, 2011:
Features info on wanted subject Hector Milla, wanted in connection to a shooting at the Mexicali Club in San Jose, CA, -We look at a video of two women wanted in an assault on a bus in Lincoln, Nebraska and The Monterey County Sheriff”s Department is seeking Daniel Garcia for a homicide back in 1995. The Fugitive Watch Podcast is hosted by Steve Ferdin and Marc Hinch.


December 4, 2010:

  • Stephanie Johnson is wanted for by Campbell Police.
  • The Panty Hose Bandit is wanted in Denver.
  • Charles Berlinghoff is being sought by Northern California Police.
  • A shocking takeover robbery is caught on video in LA.


November 22, 2010:

  • The violent robbery of a 5 year old boy is captured by surveillance cameras. The LAPD still needs help to ID the crook.
  • Cartel members commit murder in Brownsville, Texas.
  • The San Jose Police seek info about an attacker on the local light rail system.
  • Omar Sosa is wanted by police in Berkeley, CA for sexual assault.
  • And sagging pants foil a bank robbery.


November 16, 2010:
The Fugitive Watch Podcast returns with the latest from Fugitive.com for the week of 11/16/2010. Fugitive Watch brings you the crime news from the San Francisco Bay Area.


April 20, 2010:
Features photos of a bank robber in Los Gatos and Santa Cruz. Can someone ID the man in a sketch who assaulted a girl and then shot at a witness in Newark? Where is murder suspect Hector Flores Arias? Is he in Mexico?


April 12, 2010:

  • Marin County-The “Bad Hair Bandit” robs a bank in Mill Valley.
  • San Jose-Theresa Brookins is wanted for mail theft.
  • San Jose-Alajandra Cortez-Cervantes is wanted for fraud.
  • Sunnyvale-Roselia Garcia is wanted for assault and robbery.
  • The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office seeks Noah Eugene Duenas for murder.


April 5, 2010:
We feature photographs of 3 different credit card theft and fraud suspects using stolen identity information at Bay Area retailers. The Santa Clara County Regional Auto Theft Task Force is seeking Carlos Sinaloa Saucedo for Auto Theft in San Jose. Claude Lee Mitchell is wanted for questioning regarding a murder in Concord. And a guy dresses up in a painters suit to rob a bank in Walnut Creek.


March 29, 2010:

  • A sketch of a sexual battery suspect at San Jose State University.
  • A photo of a suspect in a Alameda Citibank robbery.
  • The San Jose Police is still looking for leads in the murder of Rickey Gerkin.
  • The Salinas Police need help to find the killer of 6 year old Azahel Cruz.


March 22, 2010:
Features robbery suspects in Union City, VTA robbery suspects from Campbell, a photograph of a burglary suspect in Berkeley and Joseph Villasenor is wanted for alleged assault in San Jose.


March 15, 2010:
Feature our 1,066th and 1,067th captures since 1992. We also speak with Vacaville Police Detective Gary Anderson about a brutal robbery caught on tape at a QuickStop market.


November 13, 2009:
Instructions for law enforcement, bail agents or crime victims to submit fugitives or crimes caught on tape to Fugitive Watch.