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Ada County Sheriff’s Office Releases Video of Fatal Shooting of Jared Decker

Jared Decker stabbed Deputy Todd Nelson multiple times before being shot to death.

Valley County Prosecutor Brian Naugle has concluded that the actions of three Ada County Sheriff’s Office deputies were justified in the shooting of Jared Decker on April 10, 2023.

Scene from deputies shooting Jared Decker incident. Credit ACSO

In a letter issued last week, Naugle stated, “Decker’s actions presented a real and immediate risk of death or serious injuries to the deputies he encountered, particularly the deputy Decker stabbed multiple times. The use of force by the deputies in this case was justifiable.”

The incident unfolded when Decker brandished a knife and stabbed Deputy Todd Nelson on Interstate 84 near Eisenman Road.

Nelson, along with deputies Ryan Carlson, Anthony Del Toro, and Dustin Lauritzon, responded to a report of a man walking down the freeway. Upon confrontation, Decker became combative and assaulted Nelson with a knife. In response, deputies shot Decker, who later succumbed to his injuries.

“This is not a close case,” remarked Naugle. “The deputies gave Mr. Decker ample time to comply, offered him help, and made every reasonable effort to resolve the situation peacefully.”

Naugle’s review, along with an internal investigation by the Critical Incident Task Force (CITF), determined that all four deputies did not violate any policies.

The CITF investigations also concluded that the deputies’ use of lethal force was necessary.

Deputy Nelson is currently still in recovery from his injuries.

Source: Ada County Sheriff’s Office

Source: KTVB

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