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Albuquerque Police Officer Jordan Hernandez Arrested For DUI in Uniform Caught on Camera

State police said that Albuquerque Police Officer Jordan Hernandez was allegedly driving 100 mph and was driving off the road.

New Mexico State Police report that Sergeant Toby Lafave arrested Albuquerque Police Officer Jordan Hernandez for alleged DUI in uniform.

Officer Jordan Hernandez. Credit NMSP

On a Sunday in early June, New Mexico State Police Sergeant Toby Lafave was about to make an unusual arrest after clocking a speeding SUV on I-25.

Lafave: “I’m watching an APD unit, doing like over 100, keeps driving off the road.”

Sergeant Lafave found Albuquerque Police Department Officer Jordan Hernandez in full uniform behind the wheel. Officer Hernandez explained he was running late for his midnight shift, but Sgt. Lafave wasn’t convinced.

Lafave: “You’re not staying in your lane.”
Hernandez: “I’m sorry, boss, I have a low tire.”

On the side of Bobby Foster Road, Hernandez tried to explain his erratic driving.

Lafave: “I don’t know why you keep going off the road. That’s why I stopped you.”
Hernandez: “Honestly, can I show you why?”
Lafave: “You can tell me why.”
Hernandez: “It’s because I don’t have my other key, so my other key f**** me up because I don’t have my other key in the ignition, and so it’s pulling on my belt, and that’s why. Like, I can show you, sir?”
Lafave: “So that’s why you can’t stay in one lane?”
Hernandez: No, no, no.
Lafave: Okay, I asked you, why can’t you stay in one lane?
Hernandez: Because I’m trying to log onto all my stuff and everything like that.”

However, Sergeant Lafave had a different suspicion.

Lafave: “Mr. Hernandez, when did you last drink alcohol?”
Hernandez: “Uh, yesterday.”
Lafave: “Okay, let me check your eyes real quick.”

Sergeant Lafave, known for his extensive career in apprehending drunk drivers, discovered that Hernandez had graduated from the academy three years earlier. Noting the smell of alcohol on Hernandez’s breath, he conducted field sobriety tests and eventually arrested him.

Following his arrest, Hernandez was placed on administrative leave by the Albuquerque Police Department. He faces charges of aggravated DWI, speeding, and failure to maintain his lane.

Source: KRQE

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