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Alleged Carjacker Goes on Rampage Smashing Cars Caught on Camera

Carjacker goes on rampage and is detained by witnesses.

A terrifying video shows when a carjacker goes on rampage at a Southern California parking lot.

A terrifying video showed when a carjacker went on an erratic, destructive rampage through an Agoura Hills parking lot on Friday. Nearby shoppers watched the incident unfold in shock and disbelief.

Police say the suspect, a woman in her 20s, had attempted to rob a victim of her purse while she was sitting inside her parked car. During the struggle, the victim was “pulled from her vehicle and thrown to the ground,” authorities said.

As the suspect entered the victim’s car, she attempted to drive away but went on a rampage instead, erratically reversing her car and violently crashing into eight different vehicles.

Source: KTLA 5

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SourceKTLA 5


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