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Alleged Mob Robbery of 7-Eleven Store Caught on Camera

The store owners report that the mob robbery resulted in a loss of $8,000 to $10,000.

The Vallejo Police Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects who allegedly took part in a mob robbery of a nearby 7-Eleven store after a sideshow event.

Alleged Mob Robbery of 7-Eleven Store Caught on Camera. Credit KRON 4

A chaotic sideshow event spiraled out of control in Vallejo on Sunday, culminating in a brawl, shooting, and looting at a nearby 7-Eleven store, leaving neighbors dismayed over the police response. Vallejo has long grappled with police staffing issues, but residents contend that recent service responses reached an unprecedented low.

Surveillance footage captured scores of teenagers and young adults storming into a Vallejo 7-Eleven at Springs Road and Rollingwood Drive, resulting in extensive damage and theft. However, the incident was instigated during a sideshow at the intersection adjacent to the store, as indicated by police scanner transmissions:

“A male that is shot. Got another advising, male, blue jeans, black cap, pulled a gun from his hoodie and started shooting in that direction.”

Eyewitnesses residing in the vicinity recounted how the sideshow escalated when a white pickup truck attempted to navigate through the gathering, prompting attendees to swarm the vehicle and vandalize it.

“At one point, we saw a white truck drive into the sideshow and all the kids from the sideshow went and grabbed him out of the truck and started destroying his vehicle,” shared a witness.

Videos captured individuals climbing atop the truck and assaulting the driver, while altercations erupted among the crowd. At least two individuals sustained injuries, one of whom was struck by gunfire. Subsequently, chaos ensued as the wounded individual sought refuge in the 7-Eleven, only to be pursued by the mob.

Witnesses reported the perpetrators setting the truck ablaze before the authorities arrived, leaving neighbors feeling vulnerable and neglected. Complaints arose about delayed police response times, with one resident lamenting the city’s failure to address their urgent pleas for assistance.

Vallejo police, aided by deputies from neighboring sheriff’s departments, eventually responded to the scene, though some residents expressed dissatisfaction with the joint effort.

Despite ongoing investigations, no arrests have been made, prompting authorities to appeal for information from the public. However, residents assert that despite possessing video evidence implicating certain individuals, law enforcement has yet to pursue the case with due diligence.

Source: KRON 4

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SourceKRON 4

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