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Alleged Violent Attempted Break In Caught on Camera, Anthony Dixon Arrested

Anthony Dixon is charged with allegedly damaging property and obstructing officers.

Violent Atlanta break-in caught on surveillance | FOX 5 News.

A man trying to a attack an Atlanta and break into her home was caught on camera on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard near Donald Lee Hollowell NE.

Alleged Violent Attempted Break In Caught on Camera, Anthony Dixon Arrested. Credit: Fox 5 Atlanta

An Atlanta woman found herself in a harrowing encounter when she spotted a stranger drinking water from the spigot on the side of her home. Concerned but offering assistance, she suggested providing him with a water bottle. However, instead of gratitude, the situation quickly escalated as the man grew confrontational, hurling obscenities and advancing toward her porch.

Undeterred by the woman’s protests, the man attempted to force his way inside her home, prompting fear and alarm. In a desperate bid to gain entry, he seized a cat scratching post from the porch and hurled it through a front window, showering glass across the interior and injuring the woman’s teenage daughter.

Fueled by protective instinct, the mother swiftly intervened, confronting the assailant with a Taser wand to defend her family and property. Despite her efforts to deter him, the intruder persisted, launching projectiles and debris at her in a brazen display of aggression.

Thankfully, the woman’s courageous actions, coupled with assistance from vigilant neighbors, compelled the assailant to flee. Law enforcement promptly apprehended the suspect, identified as Anthony Dixon, charging him with property damage and obstructing officers.

Reflecting on the incident, the woman expressed both frustration and compassion toward Dixon, acknowledging the potential role of mental health issues in his behavior. She hopes that he receives the necessary support and counseling to address underlying issues.

This unsettling confrontation serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of encounters with strangers and underscores the importance of remaining vigilant and prepared to protect oneself and loved ones in moments of crisis.

Source: FOX 5 Atlanta

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