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Brazen Jackson Carjacking and Shooting Caught on Camera

The Jackson carjacking suspects showed total disregard for small children in the victim's car.

Suspects caught on camera shooting at family during an armed carjacking.

Brazen Jackson Carjacking and Shooting Caught on Camera. Credit ABC7 Chicago

Two suspects were caught on camera shooting at a family in an armed Jackson, Mississippi carjacking.

A recent armed carjacking in Mississippi was caught on a Ring camera, and police are now searching for two suspects.

The footage shows two suspects shooting at a family as they were saying their goodbyes in the driveway of their West Jackson home, WAPT reported.

Heather Allen and her son were outside the car, while her oldest son, daughter, and two grandchildren were inside.

“They kept hollering, ‘give me the keys. Give me the keys. Get out.’ My daughter was like ‘my babies, my babies are in the car,'” Allen said.

One suspect pulled Allen’s daughter out of the car, then jumped into the driver’s seat and pointed a gun at her oldest son’s face.

Her son exited the car, and Allen bravely grabbed her grandchildren from the back seat.

“My oldest granddaughter was saying, ‘Mimi help me. Get me; I’m scared,'” Allen recalled.

One suspect continued demanding the keys. When they couldn’t figure out how to start that car, Allen threw her keys on the ground. They then took off in Allen’s car, which was parked on the lawn.

“I’ve been barricaded in the house, really paranoid and shocked. I’m not sleeping. My oldest son has severe anxiety, and my daughter is in shock. They’re currently staying safely in Batesville,” Allen said.

Police found the car only two streets away about 40 minutes after the carjacking.

“The cop said the car looks good, but it’s in the impound lot. I can’t get it until they investigate it for fingerprints,” Allen said.

Her biggest fear now is the possibility of the suspects returning.

“I’m scared because I don’t know what their mindset is,” Allen said.

Source: ABC 7 Chicago

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