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Convicted Murderer Mark Michael Ford Released, Kills Two More People in Las Vegas

Mark Michael Ford was convicted of a brutal murder when he was 15-years-old.

Las Vegas teen killer Mark Michael Ford released from prison kills again, twice: ‘The dear Lord is not done with you.’

Suspect Mark Michael Ford. Credit LVMPD

A Las Vegas man, Mark Michael Ford, who murdered his neighbor as a teenager and who was later granted mandatory parole under two Nevada laws, would go on to kill two people and shoot a third before killing himself.

Source: 8 News Now — Las Vegas

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  1. It’s crazy how quick and one sided you are to air your stories.It doesn’t matter how much dirt you put on Mark,people who really knew Mark, know that Mark was hard working,big hearted,respectful,a good friend,loving brother and loving son.He tried hard,working 2-3 jobs,taking turns with his girlfriend watching her kids,made sure that the bills and rent were payed.The only thing he didn’t know how to handle was people who cheat and lie.Person who was shot was chasing him across town with the gun,telling him he is piece of sh…,is actually married,wife was fighting cancer and and he was cheating on her with his girlfriend,,the same guy selling prescription narcotics.Marks problem was he loved his girlfriend too much instead of walking away from that vicious circle.

    • And all that justifies what he did? Everyone is suffering nowadays, he killed someone as a teenager he did his time and got out..now what, he goes through hard times like millions in Americans do everyday so it’s ok kill more people cause of it?? Did you try to help him if you knew him like you said you did?? Nothing justifies what he did to people that didn’t have anything to do with his problems, he knew what he did and he killed himself cause he was scared to go back to prison, that’s not an excuse that cowardice

      • Are you serious saying about the the people that “didn’t have anything to do with his problems”? One was girlfriend,they lived together in the same house.The other was the girlfriend’s ex boyfriend,who was married ,while the wife was fighting cancer,he was cheating on her for two years with Mark’s girlfriend and other girls.The same guy,who worked at Dotty’s and on the side was selling prescription narcotic pills . Basically a drug dealer .He was so obsessed about Mark’s girlfriend (his ex) that he was chasing Mark across town with the gun in his car.And Mark’s girlfriend never stopped being in touch with her ex. It was a lot of other things you don’t even know.Mark’s problem was that he loved her so much that he couldn’t walk away from her and he shot himself because he couldn’t live without her .,even she was just a player,using him to pay her rent,bills and buy her expensive gifts. They all new each other .Please get your story straight .

    • Really you defend a POS Like this , the saying the Other Skunks never smell the other Skunks that live on the same hill .

  2. It’s not the right thing to do,but you can put anybody over the edge.People who never had a record under certain circumstances snap ,you don’t know the whole story,just listening to the news,who puts anything that people would watch or read

  3. Shut up! Nothing justified his actions. Nothing. That’s is the reason why he took his own life in the end. He knew and he sentenced himself. So leave it!

  4. You can’t say “People who never had a record under certain circumstances snap”. He killed someone as a teenager, likely before he knew any of the people who caused his current problems. He never should have been let out prison in the first place. There is no value for human life anymore, including in the justice system.

    • His sentence was life with possibility of the parole in 10 years,and life with possibility of the parole in 10 years.He never broke in the house(he was found not guilty of home invasion)he was dragged in threw the window by guy who wanted to kill him.But because he was in his backyard he couldn’t claim self-defense.And you the heck are you to decide about he should or shouldn’t have been let out from the prison?

  5. You are really defending this murderer? Nothing justifies killing another, just because he was being cheated on and he couldn’t handle his problems, everyone goes through stuff like this, and we don’t kill people. He couldn’t have been so big hearted and a great guy, he killed multiple people in his lifetime and you defend him? Your nuts, he should have just killed himself and no one else.

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