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Couple Elizabeth and Edward Stevenson Killed in Police Shootout Caught on Camera

Deputies say that Elizabeth and Edward Stevenson made threats to die by suicide by cop.

A Putnam County couple, Elizabeth and Edward Stevenson, who were smuggling drugs, were killed in Texas after a dramatic big rig chase and shootout with Texas law enforcement officers.

Couple Elizabeth and Edward Stevenson Killed in Police Shootout. Credit PCSO

Putnam County TN Sheriff’s Office – Eddie Farris, Sheriff Press Release


Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit began investigating Elizabeth and Edward Stevenson through undercover buys of illegal drugs. This resulted in a search warrant being issued and executed on May 9, 2024. During the search, Detectives found ¾ of a pound of suspected methamphetamine, suspected fentanyl, multiple firearms, body armor, and ammunition inside of the home. At the time of the search, Detectives received information that Elizabeth and Edward Stevenson were driving a semi-truck back through Texas with illegal drugs and were armed. Both individuals had also made previous statements that they would die by “suicide by cop” if Law Enforcement attempted to stop them. PCSO Detectives immediately notified Donley County Sheriff’s Office and Texas Department of Public Safety of this information and immediately began a working relationship with these Agencies.

When Donley County Sheriff’s attempted to conduct a traffic stop, Edward began to flee in the semi-truck for several miles before coming to a stop. Once stopped, Elizabeth and Edward exited the vehicle and began firing at the Deputies and Troopers resulting in their death. During a search of the vehicle, Donley County and the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with Texas Rangers, located and seized approximately 29 kilos (64 Ibs) of suspected cocaine. The street value of approximately 29 kilos of cocaine would equate to approximately $3.4 million. All of which appeared to be coming back to the Putnam County and Upper Cumberland area.

Sheriff Farris stated, “This was great work by the PCSO Drug Unit to take down a massive illegal drug operation here in Putnam County. This is a direct result of the Nation’s Open Border Policies which it much easier for Mexican cartel members and their associates to bring in these illegal drugs into smaller communities and in this case Putnam County.” Sheriff Farris stated, “The cocaine would have likely been mixed with the deadly drug Fentanyl before being sold to individuals. The immediate working relationship with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office formed with the Donley County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety was invaluable in this incident and I am very thankful for it. I would also like to thank the citizens of Putnam County for their help and calling in with these anonymous tips. Anytime you see anything that you feel is suspicious, please call us and we will investigate it.

In this particular incident it most likely saved lives.”

Source: WKRN News 2

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