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Disturbing Video Released Showing Officer Shooting Cane Corso During Dog Attack

Police say the cane corso died but the other dogs are still at large.

DISTURBING VIDEO: Officer fatally shoots cane corso after man mauled by dogs.

Police say the cane corso died but the other dogs are still at large. Credit abc6 Philadelphia

A Philadelphia police officer shot and killed a cane corso dog after it and three pit bulls attacked a man in the city’s Mantua neighborhood.

It happened on Wednesday around 10:16 a.m. on the 3900 block of Fairmount Avenue.

Police said the incident began when a witness pointed out the pack of dogs to an officer on patrol.

Disturbing video, which police are using in their investigation, shows the man fighting back against the four loose dogs.

A Philadelphia police officer was compelled to fatally shoot a cane corso dog after it, along with three pit bulls, attacked a man in the Mantua neighborhood of the city.

The incident occurred around 10:16 a.m. on Wednesday on the 3900 block of Fairmount Avenue.

According to police, the situation unfolded when a witness alerted an officer on patrol to the presence of the pack of dogs.

Disturbing video footage, which is being utilized in the ongoing investigation, captures the man struggling against the onslaught of the four unleashed dogs.

Neighbors recounted that he was attempting to defend his own dog. Eventually, the man is brought to the ground as the confrontation escalates.

Despite the efforts of Good Samaritans to intervene, the dogs posed a threat, forcing them to withdraw.

Philadelphia police stated that the officer at the scene endeavored to disperse the dogs by activating his siren, but they persisted in their attack.

Subsequently, the officer exited his vehicle and discharged multiple rounds, resulting in the death of the cane corso. The pit bulls fled from the scene.

It remains uncertain if any of the other dogs sustained injuries from the gunfire.

This harrowing incident unfolded directly in front of Sharon Owens’ residence. She recounted hearing four gunshots.

“It was scary. It was very scary because that’s like too close for comfort to hear gunshots,” Owens expressed.

Following the shooting, the cane corso staggered away before collapsing and succumbing to its wounds in the street.

Police disclosed that the 53-year-old victim of the mauling sustained bite wounds across his body. He was transported to the hospital and is currently listed in stable condition.

Sarah Barnett, the executive director of ACCT Philly, remarked that they were not summoned to the scene, likely due to the swift unfolding of events.

“In such a situation, you don’t really have time to call animal control,” Barnett noted. “Our officers would always respond to that kind of situation very quickly, but in that instance, time was really of the essence, unfortunately.”

Barnett emphasized that the top priority now is identifying the owner and potentially uncovering more information about the dogs’ background.

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Source: 6abc Philadelphia

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