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Florida Bank Robber Shot and Killed by Police Sniper, 911 Calls Released

Deputies have identified Sterling Ramon Alavache as the suspect killed by a police sniper.

911 calls from an attempted bank robbery in Florida have been released, shedding light on the dramatic events that unfolded as law enforcement responded to the crisis.

Suspected bank robber Sterling Ramon Alavache killed by police sniper. Credit: LCSO

According to authorities, the situation escalated when a robber inside a Bank of America branch in Fort Myers took hostages upon the arrival of law enforcement. Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno reported that negotiators attempted to resolve the standoff peacefully on Tuesday, but the suspect opted to take two individuals captive, including one held in a headlock with a knife to her throat.

Sheriff Marceno emphasized the imminent danger to the hostage’s life, prompting the intervention of a sheriff’s sniper. The sniper’s actions resulted in the fatal shooting of the suspect, identified as 36-year-old Sterling Ramon Alavache.

Describing the incident, Marceno stated, “We were in fear for her safety. This is exactly what we train for. We train for worst-case scenarios.” Fortunately, none of the hostages sustained injuries during the ordeal, and additional individuals who were initially inside the bank managed to escape once law enforcement arrived.

While Alavache claimed to possess a bomb and wielded a knife, authorities did not immediately verify the presence of explosives. The released 911 calls provide insights into the chaotic and high-stakes situation faced by law enforcement as they worked to safeguard the lives of innocent civilians and neutralize the threat posed by the armed suspect.

Source: 10 Tampa Bay

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