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Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama Resigns After Alleged Relationship with Officer’s Wife

Former Police Chief Paco Balderrama allegedly told the mayor that he had an inappropriate relationship with an officer's wife.

Police chief in Fresno, California resigns following an internal investigation.

Former Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama. Credit Linkedin

Mayor Jerry Dyer and City Manager Georgeanne White held a news conference on Tuesday to announce Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama has resigned.

Mayor Jerry Dyer and City Manager Georgeanne White convened a press conference on Tuesday to announce the resignation of Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama, who held the position for the past 3 1/2 years.

Mayor Dyer expressed, “This has been a very challenging time for our community, the police department, and the affected families. With Chief Balderrama’s resignation, our aim is to move forward, allowing the department to refocus on its core mission of ensuring public safety. I extend my best wishes to Paco and his family and thank him for his service to Fresno.”

City Manager Georgeanne White addressed the situation regarding allegations against Chief Balderrama, stating, “While I cannot disclose specifics of the investigation, I can confirm that the allegation concerning misuse of authority was not substantiated, and evidence to the contrary was presented. However, Chief Balderrama admitted inappropriate conduct in his personal life falls short of the standards expected of a Police Chief in our city.”

She continued, “I appreciate Chief Balderrama’s service and have accepted his resignation.”

In response to his resignation, former Police Chief Paco Balderrama released a statement reflecting on his tenure: “Serving as Chief of Police for Fresno has been an incredible honor over these past three and a half years. I am grateful to the administration for the opportunity and proud of the accomplishments we achieved during my tenure.”

He added, “The men and women of the Fresno Police Department are exceptional, and I have immense respect for their dedication. While my departure is bittersweet, I am confident in their ability to continue serving our community with distinction.”

Attorney Brian Whelan, representing the husband involved in the relationship with Chief Balderrama, also issued a statement following the resignation, asserting, “My client’s persistence has brought relief not only to himself but also to numerous Fresno Police officers betrayed by Balderrama’s actions. The city’s attempts to frame this resignation otherwise misrepresent the truth.”

Whelan’s statement concluded, “Recent media reports have inaccurately portrayed efforts to resolve this issue confidentially after months of inaction by the City. These efforts included a request to honor a 2022 agreement where Balderrama promised my client a specific position within the department, which he later reneged on to pursue his extramarital affair, violating professional and ethical standards.”

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