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Greisy Valencia Wanted by Police For Alleged Child Cruelty For 20+ Years Arrested in Alameda

Alameda County Jail records show Greisy Valencia is being held with "No Bail Allowed."

A woman was arrested by Hayward police after more than two decades on the run for the alleged torture of her daughter.

Greisy Valencia, 70, was arrested by Hayward police this week for the abuse of her then-11-year-old daughter in 2002. The girl was found wandering the streets of Manteca, covered in scars and burn wounds.

Greisy Valencia Wanted For Alleged Child Cruelty Arrested. Credit Hayward Police Department

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All Points Bulletin — International — Hayward, California Case

Police say Greisy Valencia tortured her little girl starting as young as 4-years-old until she escaped at age 11-years-old.

Detectives say Greisy Valencia is a monster that held the little girl’s hands over fire, burned her with hot curling irons and cigarettes, hit and scratched her and more.

Doctors say the injuries were so severe it’s remarkable the little girl is alive.

The Hayward Police Department is currently seeking Greisy Valencia on a warrant charging her with the ongoing abuse and torture of a child.  She was last seen in Manteca when the child was taken into protective custody.  She normally works in fast food restaurants and may have fled to the Sacramento area.

Witnesses report she was possibly seen taking a Greyhound bus to the 9th and “L” Street area. An eleven-year-old girl was wandering the streets of Manteca, California. When she finally knocked on the door of a home, seeking help, the little girl couldn’t remember her address or telephone number. The homeowner called the police. When the police questioned the child, they realized that she wasn’t just lost. She was the victim of severe child abuse.

The first thing that she recounted,” says Lise, “was her hands being burned.”  The child described how her hands would be held over an open flame on the stove, and how cigarettes or a curling iron would be used to burn her.

Sometimes, she said, she’d be bitten or scratched, and her hair would be pulled out. Doctors at Childrens’ Hospital in Oakland, California found scars on the child’s hands, face and back. The injuries were so severe, they say, it’s remarkable the child is alive.

The biggest shock of all was yet to come. Police say the person who inflicted such awful injuries on the little girl was her own mother — Greisy Valencia.

Police and social workers say they discovered that Valencia had abused and tortured her daughter since the child was just four-years old. The head of the investigation, Detective Keith Stiver of the Hayward police department, says Valencia is heartless. “She’s a monster. She’s a vicious, vindictive person who hurts children.”

Source: KTVU Fox 2 San Francisco

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