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Indiana Football Player Connor Delp Denied Motion on Alleged Rape Charge

Conner Delp’s attorneys gave police results from a polygraph test, that indicated Delp was not being deceptive in his answers.

Judge denies request to dismiss rape case against former IU football player Connor Delp.

Indiana Football Player Connor Delp. Credit IUSTV

A Monroe County Judge has denied a request to dismiss the rape and sexual battery charges against a former IU football player Connor Delp, more than four months after the request was filed.

A request to dismiss the rape and sexual battery charges against former IU football player Connor Delp has been denied by a Monroe County Judge, more than four months after the request was initially filed.

Delp, 21, was arrested last May and charged with two counts of rape, classified as level 3 felonies, along with sexual battery, a level 6 felony, and battery, a Class B misdemeanor. Formerly listed as a wide receiver on the 2022 Indiana Football roster, Delp was dismissed from the team in January.

The dismissal request was filed by Delp and his legal team in August, with arguments presented in court during an October hearing. However, the request was denied on February 27.


The investigation commenced in November 2022 when a woman reported a sexual assault to IU Police in Indianapolis after undergoing a sexual assault examination. She initially attempted to undergo the exam in Bloomington but was unable to find an available nurse, prompting her to travel to Indianapolis for the examination.

According to separate police interviews, two women visited Delp’s apartment on the night of November 10, where they socialized in the living room and consumed alcohol with Delp and another man. At one point, the group transitioned to discussing video games, and Delp offered to let them play on a game console in his bedroom.

Allegedly, while one woman played video games at the foot of the bed, she was unaware of what was transpiring behind her, as she was wearing headphones. The other woman eventually fell asleep, prompting the first woman to cease playing and lie down next to Delp, who was situated between them.

The first woman recounted to the police that Delp initiated unwanted physical contact, including kissing and touching her in intimate areas, despite her resistance. She claimed that Delp proceeded to engage in non-consensual sexual intercourse, disregarding her attempts to convey her refusal due to fear.

Upon the awakening of the second woman, both women promptly departed the apartment, realizing afterward that they had both been subjected to assault.

Delp has refuted the allegations, asserting that while he believed something of a sexual nature might occur, he did not receive any explicit objections or indications of distress from the women. He acknowledged consensual sexual activity with one of the women and asserted that they mutually ceased intercourse at one point.

In response to his arrest, Delp’s legal representatives released a statement affirming his presumption of innocence and his intention to vigorously contest the charges in court.

Delp is scheduled to appear in court for a hearing on April 18.

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Source: Indiana University Student Television

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