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Kent Home Invasion Suspects Caught on Camera

Police warn public after Kent home invasion.

Police are investigating an attempted Kent home invasion in the East Hill neighborhood Sunday morning—the entire incident was caught on camera.

Kent Home Invasion Suspects Caught on Camera

Kent Police Department Press Release Re: Kent Home Invasion Robbery


KENT WA, October 17, 2023-Kent Police Detectives are investigating an attempted home invasion robbery that occurred on Sunday October 15 and a home invasion robbery that occurred on Saturday October 16. Both victim families are of Asian descent.

The attempted robbery on Sunday occurred at about 12:50 am in the 23800 block of 135th AVE SE. The residents had just arrived home and were walking up to their front door when an unknown suspect ran up to their porch. The female victim quickly stepped inside and locked the door before the suspect could gain entry. The suspect brandished a handgun at their window but was not allowed inside. Frustrated, he then tore their Ring camera off the wall.

The residents had just driven home from a Seattle casino. The female victim had noticed a vehicle turn onto their home street directly behind them, then park a short distance away. Moments later the suspect ran onto their porch. Only one suspect was seen during this incident. He was described as a black male in a puffy jacket.

The Ring video from this incident has been widely circulated and is also posted above.

The home invasion robbery on Monday occurred in the 12300 block of SE 204. A member of the victim family stepped outside his home to smoke at about 1:30 am. He noticed an unusual vehicle parked across the street. When he turned to go back inside, several masked black males ran up behind him and forced their way into the home. He reported they were all carrying rifles or handguns. The suspects stole cash and jewelry and forced the occupants to open their safe.

Patrol Officers and Detectives canvassed both neighborhoods for witnesses and video. Detectives are aggressively working both cases, gathering and analyzing all available evidence.

If you have any information about either of these crimes, please leave a tip here:
KPD Tip Line 253-856-5808

[email protected]

Non-emergency dispatch line 253-852-2121

Call 911 if you have information about the identity and/or location of the suspect(s)
Home Safety Tips

If you are driving and think you are being followed, do not go home. Drive to an occupied location and call 911

Do not leave your garage door opener in your car

Keep your doors locked when you are home

Install door locks with three-inch screws in the lock and door hinges

Install exterior motion sensor lights

Install a wide-angle range peephole in your door

Consider an audible alarm system-there are a wide range of available options, some of which include interior motion sensors and cameras-post your alarm signage outside

Install an exterior camera such as a Ring.

Take a minute to scan before exiting your car to your home or home to your car. If you see something suspicious wait.

See what they do. Call 911 if their actions make you feel unsafe.


Source: FOX 13 Seattle

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