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Man Looking Over His Fence Shot in Face Caught on Camera

The man shot in the face was identified as 33-year-old Bruno Júnior.

Man in Brazil looks into neighbor’s house after hearing gunfire and dies from being shot in face.

Man Looking Over His Fence Shot in Face Caught on Camera. Credit Excelsior

The intention to find out what was happening at his neighbor’s house ended up costing a man his life in Brazil. Bruno Júnior was shot in the face after he looked into his neighbor’s house when he heard a loud noise and gunshots. March 15, 2024

Startling footage from a security camera has emerged, revealing the tragic moment when a man was fatally shot in the face while attempting to investigate a disturbance next door.

The victim, identified as 33-year-old Bruno Júnior, succumbed to his injuries within an hour of the incident, which occurred on Saturday (03/09) in the Pirapó district of the northern Paraná region. The footage, capturing the harrowing events, has only recently been made public.

In the video, Bruno is seen walking down a corridor with two other individuals before scaling a wall to peer into the neighboring disturbance. Moments later, a woman appears to engage Bruno in conversation. Suddenly, he turns away, only to be struck by gunfire and collapse, bleeding profusely.

The shooter, identified as 41-year-old Agnaldo da Silva Oroski, was apprehended by law enforcement. Initially, he fled the scene of the crime but surrendered himself at the police station two days later.

Oroski claimed that he opened fire on Bruno because he believed Bruno was trespassing on his property. Witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots emanating from Oroski’s residence.

Authorities are diligently investigating the incident to elucidate all pertinent details surrounding the tragic event.

Source: Excelsior

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