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Man Robs Employee of Won Kee Supermarket Caught on Camera

The Won Kee Supermarket is located in Oakland's Chinatown.

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, a Won Kee Supermarket employee in Oakland fell victim to an armed robbery, an incident that the store’s owner reveals is not an isolated occurrence but part of a troubling pattern of crime in the area.

Won Kee Supermarket. Credit KRON 4

Shirley Luo, owner of Won Kee Supermarket in Oakland Chinatown, expressed her frustration and fear following the robbery. This latest incident, she explained, involved the suspect brandishing a firearm and making off with several thousand dollars in cash. Luo emphasized that while previous robberies had occurred, this one felt particularly alarming.

Reflecting on the changes in the neighborhood since she opened her business nine years ago, Luo lamented the decline in safety, noting that fear now permeates the community. The impact on her business has been profound, with customers expressing hesitancy to visit the shop.

According to Luo, the targeted employee was en route to procure fresh items for the store when the armed assailant intercepted him. While the police were notified and a report was filed, Luo believes that more comprehensive measures are necessary to safeguard Chinatown.

In her plea for increased security measures, Luo advocates for foot patrols during the early hours, especially when employees are running errands. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of apprehending and prosecuting individuals responsible for these crimes, underscoring the need for a concerted effort to protect the community from further harm.

Source: KRON 4

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SourceKRON 4

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