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Meghan Fights Back When Gunmen Ambush Her Caught on Camera

Victim Meghan said, “I think they thought I was an easy target." They were wrong.

A woman fights back when gunmen ambush her at her front door.

Meghan Fights Back When Gunmen Ambush Her. Credit: HPD

“Like, my first thought was, ‘This is a sick joke, this could never happen to me,'” Meghan told us. “I think they thought I was an easy target.” They were wrong.

In a harrowing encounter captured on video released by the Houston Police Department Robbery Division, a Houston woman, Meghan, displayed remarkable courage when confronted by two gunmen outside her apartment. As she unlocked her door, the assailants ambushed her, demanding her keys at gunpoint. Unwilling to capitulate, Meghan fiercely resisted, shouting and attempting to hit and kick the gunman, despite the grave danger she faced.

Reflecting on the terrifying ordeal, Meghan expressed disbelief that such a situation could befall her, emphasizing the horror of the experience and the mistaken perception by the assailants that she was an easy target. However, her swift and resolute response proved them wrong.

Despite the thieves managing to grab her wallet and car keys and fleeing towards the parking lot, Meghan pursued them, demonstrating remarkable bravery. Employing her Stanley water bottle as a weapon, she struck one assailant, causing him to fall. A third suspect intervened, but Meghan defiantly declared her intent to notify the police, deterring the perpetrators from stealing her car and prompting them to flee on foot.

Grateful that the situation didn’t escalate further, Meghan acknowledged the potentially dire consequences had the assailants gained entry to her apartment. The incident, which occurred on January 22 around 6:45 p.m., left Meghan deeply shaken, prompting her to relocate from the complex despite her initial intention to reside closer to the Texas Medical Center due to her medical profession.

While the Houston Police Department continues its efforts to identify the perpetrators, Meghan’s courageous response serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and resilience in the face of danger. Though cautioning against resistance, especially in the presence of armed criminals, Meghan’s refusal to become a victim showcases her strength and determination amidst adversity.

Source: Houston Police Department

Source: KHOU 11

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SourceKHOU 11

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