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Mexico Drug Cartel Apologizes for Kidnapping and Murder of American Tourists

The cartel says the gunmen acted independently and without cartel authorization.

Mexican cartel takes responsibility for kidnapping Americans

A powerful Mexican cartel has allegedly taken responsibility for the kidnapping of four U.S. citizens, and the killing of two of them, in Matamoros.

The cartel says the gunmen that were involved in the crimes went rogue and will be turned over to authorities.

A letter purportedly from the Mexican cartel allegedly behind the kidnapping and subsequent killing of Americans last week claimed it has dealt with the members “involved and responsible” for the incident, handing them over for authorities to detain.

“We have decided to turn over those who were directly involved and responsible in the events, who at all times acted under their own decision-making and lack of discipline,” the letter from the Gulf Cartel, reviewed by The Associated Press, states.

Source: ABC News

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SourceABC News


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