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Morris Police Release Video of Officers Fatal Shooting Alivia Schwab

The Grundy County State Attorney's Office has ruled the police shooting of Alivia Schwab was justified.

The Morris Police Department has released video of a police officer shooting and killing Alivia Schwab outside her apartment.

The Grundy County State Attorney’s Office reports:

At 10:53am Morris Police Officers Pampinella and Price responded to the 911 call. Upon arrival,
Officer Pampinella told Officer Price to “go non-lethal” – meaning use your taser – as Officer Pampinella unholstered his service weapon. Officer Pampinella could see Alivia L. Schwab across the small parking lot at the door to her apartment and immediately saw the large, approximately nine (9) inch chef’s knife in her left hand.

As the officers approached, Officer Price took a position on the sidewalk in front of the apartment building closer to Alivia L. Schwab, Officer Pampinella stayed in the middle of the parking lot as Alivia L. Schwab stepped off of her front doorstep and proceeded to walk directly at Officer Pampinella. Alivia L. Schwab had the knife in her left hand risen over her left shoulder and had a cell phone in her right hand held up to her right ear.

Officer Pampinella repeatedly ordered her to drop the knife and to stop her advance. As Alivia L. Schwab traveled past Officer Price who was to her left on the sidewalk, Alivia L. Schwab turned and looked at Officer Price. At the same time, Officer Pampinella was yelling at Officer Price to deploy her taser. As Alivia L. Schwab advanced past Officer Price, who was attempting to unholster her taser, Alivia L. Schwab turned towards Officer Pampinella and increased her speed toward him.

Officer Pampinella ordered Alivia L. Schwab to drop the knife and to stop, repeatedly warning her he would shoot. Alivia L. Schwab sped up and was approximately 8-10 feet away from Officer Pampinella – still brandishing the knife above her left shoulder. He fired four (4) rounds: the first two (2) rounds struck Alivia L. Schwab in the abdomen, as she fell forward the third (3**) round struck her in the left eye, and the fourth (4*) round went over her body as she approached the ground face down, headfirst.

Source: CBS Chicago

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  1. All of these police shootings are causing widespread stress and outrage. It’s like we are building to some sort of crisis point so that we can be taken advantage of. She was shot multiple times and there is blood everywhere (no there isn’t, regardless of the little black boxes, there should be a lot of blood on the ground. Compare this to any of a hundred krudplug videos to see what I mean). Well, the police officers are obviously distraught (no, they are acting like this was a drill, which it probably was). Before she gently flops on the ground she puts out her left hand/fist to break her fall. So the question is, who is trying to pass this off as real and why?

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