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Mother Jasmine Moss Arrested for Allegedly Letting 5-Year-Old Wax Adults

According to Memphis police, Jasmine Moss is charged after posting a photo to social media showing her five-year-old daughter waxing older women.

A mother Jasmine Moss is accused of letting her 5-year-old child wax adults.

Suspect Jasmine Moss. Credit Shelby County Jail

Investigators charged Jasmine Moss with Child Neglect. Police say last week they got several calls about disturbing images involving a young girl on social media.

A woman has been charged after sharing a photo on social media depicting her five-year-old daughter performing waxing services on older women, according to the Memphis Police Department.

Jasmine Moss faces charges of child neglect and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Despite two cars being present in Moss’ driveway on Tuesday afternoon, there was no response at the door for comment.

Action News 5 interviewed Melanie Saulsbury, the owner of Memphis Skin Academy in Bartlett and a licensed esthetician, for her perspective on the matter.

“As a mother myself, I personally wouldn’t have my child, as young as five, involved in such a service,” stated Saulsbury.

On February 15, officers received multiple complaints about social media posts containing disturbing images involving a young girl.

The images, reportedly uploaded to Moss’ Instagram account used for promoting her hair removal service, depicted the young girl applying hot wax to the nude pubic area of adults.

“In Tennessee, individuals must be at least 16 years old to accumulate the required hours for obtaining an esthetician license,” explained Saulsbury.

To become a licensed esthetician in Tennessee, one must complete 750 hours of training and pass written and practical examinations.

Moss identified her young daughter in the Instagram post, boasting that the child had waxed 24 clients for over eight hours, as per the affidavit.

Saulsbury emphasized the dangers of waxing for a child, stating, “Even as a professional adult, there’s a risk of getting burned.”

Moss reportedly operates her business from her home. While it is not illegal to run an esthetician business from home, there are laws and regulations to follow.

“As long as the premises are inspected by the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology and comply with local code enforcement, it’s permissible,” explained Saulsbury. “For public safety, I always advise my students to work in a professional setting.”

Source: WBIR Channel 10

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