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Multiple Oklahoma State Troopers Shot by Fugitive Preston Lang

Oklahoma Dept. of Corrections reports that Preston Lang was wanted for Escape.

Multiple Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers wounded after arrest warrant for Preston Lang turned into gunfight in Caddo County.

Suspect Preston Lange. Credit: Ohio Department of Corrections

This is a developing story.

Source: KOCO 5 News

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  1. Well that really makes us feel like we are protected by our officers that are suppose to be able to handle tough situations. But instead letting tempers flair for everyone to see. I understand getting angry over not being informed but not to the degree this happened. Cursing and getting in each others faces like children . You need to go back and review your manual on what not to do and what proper procedures are. Time for standing behind each other not fighting each other.
    I believe in our Cleveland County Officers fully and know you all put your lives on the line daily . So hopefully this will be straightened out and soon between Lexington and Cleveland county Sheriffs department. Stand up for each other instead of beating each other down . Be careful out there and good luck !

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