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New York Sending National Guard Soldiers to Patrol Subway System

National Guard soldiers and more NYPD officers being deployed to subways after 45% increase in crime.

New York deploys National Guard soldiers to help combat subway crime.

Suspect allegedly attacking MTA worker. Credit NYPD

Governor Kathy Hochul is deploying 1,000 National Guard soldiers to help patrol New York City’s subways following a spike in crime.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has taken decisive action in response to a recent surge in crime by deploying 1,000 National Guard soldiers to assist in patrolling the subway system of New York City, the nation’s largest transit network.

This deployment marks a significant step in Governor Hochul’s efforts to enhance security and address the escalating rate of criminal incidents within the subway system. The decision to enlist the support of the National Guard comes in the wake of Mayor Eric Adams’ previous directive to deploy an additional 1,000 NYPD officers to patrol trains. This move was prompted by a troubling 45% increase in transit-related crimes reported in January.

The presence of National Guard troops alongside the NYPD officers underscores the seriousness of the situation and the collective determination to ensure the safety of commuters and residents alike. Governor Hochul’s initiative reflects a proactive approach to combating crime and restoring public confidence in the subway system’s security measures.

By mobilizing both law enforcement and military personnel, authorities aim to not only deter criminal activity but also provide a visible and reassuring presence for passengers using the subway. The combined efforts of the National Guard and the NYPD represent a unified front in the fight against crime, sending a clear message that unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.

As New York City grapples with this surge in crime, Governor Hochul’s deployment of National Guard troops demonstrates a commitment to taking decisive action and implementing effective strategies to safeguard the well-being of all individuals who rely on the subway for transportation. The collaborative approach between state and local agencies underscores the importance of proactive measures in addressing public safety concerns and maintaining the integrity of essential public services.

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