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Oklahoma Judge Traci Soderstrom Resigns After Texting During Murder Trial

Judge Traci Soderstrom admits to acting inappropriately.

Oklahoma judge resigns after texting during murder trial.

Oklahoma Judge Traci Soderstrom Resigns After Texting During Murder Trial. Credit: NBC News

Traci Soderstrom resigned after being caught on her phone sending hundreds of texts and scrolling through social media during a trial for the murder of a 2-year-old child.

Following revelations that she sent hundreds of texts from the bench during a murder trial involving the killing of a 2-year-old boy, an Oklahoma judge, Traci Soderstrom, agreed to step down on Friday. The messages, which were rife with mockery towards prosecutors and adorned with emojis, led to widespread scrutiny and accusations of judicial misconduct.

In a proposed settlement agreement filed with the Oklahoma Court on the Judiciary, Soderstrom also pledged not to pursue judicial office again in Oklahoma. The agreement aimed to preempt her removal from the bench, as she faced allegations including gross neglect of duty, oppression in office, lack of proper temperament, and failure to supervise her office. Originally slated to stand trial in a special court starting the following Monday, Soderstrom opted for resignation instead.

In a resignation letter disseminated to local media outlets, Soderstrom acknowledged her human fallibility despite her commitment to uphold the Constitution fairly and efficiently. The Oklahoma Supreme Court Chief Justice, John Kane IV, recommended her removal after an investigation uncovered instances of derision towards prosecutors, inappropriate comments, and unprofessional behavior during the trial of Khristian Tyler Martzall, accused in the murder case.

Security footage published by The Oklahoman depicted Soderstrom engrossed in texting or messaging for extended periods during critical trial proceedings, including jury selection, opening statements, and testimony. The footage underscored concerns about her conduct on the bench, further substantiating the need for her resignation and the proposed settlement agreement to avoid a protracted judicial proceeding.

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