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Owner of Las Vegas The Nail Palace Brutally Beat Caught on Camera

Warning the video from The Nail Palace beating and robbery is graphic.

Las Vegas The Nail Palace nail salon owner’s beating caught on camera; police looking for suspects.

Owner of Las Vegas The Nail Palace Brutally Beat Caught on Camera. Credit LVMPD

The owner of a nail salon in the Las Vegas valley, Nathan Nguyen, is in the process of recovering after enduring a vicious attack while on duty, leaving him puzzled as to why he was targeted. The assault, captured on video, has prompted a police investigation in an effort to apprehend the four perpetrators responsible for the violent incident.

Nathan Nguyen, proprietor of The Nail Palace situated on E. Flamingo Road near University Center Drive, is determined to publicize the footage of the assault in the hopes of aiding law enforcement in identifying and apprehending the assailants.

The altercation unfolded on a Sunday when a woman entered the salon under the pretense of seeking a pedicure. However, it soon became apparent that her intention was to solely utilize the restroom, prompting Nguyen to refuse. In response, the woman caused property damage before departing.

Shortly thereafter, the woman returned accompanied by three individuals who proceeded to subject Nguyen to a relentless beating, lasting nearly a minute, before absconding with his phone. The entire ordeal was captured on video, including the perpetrators’ getaway vehicle, a red sedan.

Expressing bewilderment at the unprovoked assault, Nguyen lamented, “I did not do anything wrong yesterday, I did not hurt her too. I don’t understand why people come back and hurt me like that.”

Nick Hardman, Nguyen’s spouse and co-owner of the salon, described the aftermath as resembling a scene from a horror movie, with blood-soaked clothing serving as a stark reminder of the brutality inflicted upon his partner.

As law enforcement endeavors to identify the assailants, both Nguyen and Hardman are left grappling with the inexplicable violence perpetrated against them. Despite their shock and dismay, they remain resolute in their determination to seek justice and prevent similar incidents from befalling others.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police are actively pursuing leads to identify the assailants, with neighboring businesses also offering surveillance footage to assist in the investigation.

Source: 8 News Now — Las Vegas

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