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Philadelphia SEPTA Mass Shooting at Bus Stop, 8 Students Shot

SEPTA mass shooting caught on camera.

Surveillance shows a SEPTA mass shooting when suspects open fire on a group of students waiting for the SEPTA bus.

Philadelphia SEPTA Mass Shooting at Bus Stop, 8 Students Shot. Credit PPD

Eight Philadelphia school students were shot in a while waiting for a SEPTA bus at a stop in Northeast Philadelphia. The incident occurred around 3 p.m. at the intersection of Rising Sun and Cottman avenues.

According to Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel, a group of students from Northeast High School were gathering at the bus stop and preparing to board the bus when gunfire erupted.

The SEPTA mass shooting has sparked frustration among SEPTA customers and Philadelphia residents, who are increasingly exasperated by the ongoing gun violence plaguing the city’s neighborhoods.

Philadelphia police have released surveillance footage showing three shooting suspects exiting a car parked across the street near Dunkin Donuts. The suspects then opened fire at the group of students waiting for the bus before quickly returning to the car. A fourth suspect, believed to be the getaway driver, then sped off from the scene.

This shooting marks the most recent in a string of violent incidents occurring on or near SEPTA buses or bus stops.

Addressing reporters after the shooting, Commissioner Bethel expressed frustration, stating, “It’s difficult to witness, in just three days, 11 juveniles being shot while going to and coming from school. The cowardly acts we’ve witnessed over the past three days are unacceptable.”

Bethel emphasized the repercussions of failing to tackle gun violence, stating, “The downstream impact of not addressing gun violence and firearms is evident in what we are witnessing today.”

The suspects reportedly fired more than 30 shots into the crowd, resulting in the injury of eight students.

Source: FOX 29 Philadelphia

Source: abc6 Philadelphia

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