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Ryan Babcock Arrested for Allegedly Shooting 7 Shots at Pizza Delivery Driver

Police say that Ryan Babcock has been released from jail pending trial.

Young high school student and part-time pizza delivery driver Caiden Wheeler was allegedly shot at 7 times by Ryan Babcock after a driveway parking mix-up.

Suspect Ryan Babcock. Credit Ashland City Police Department

A pizza delivery driver Caiden Wheeler out for only the second time was allegedly shot at 7 times by Ryan Babcock when he pulled into the wrong driveway.

Eighteen-year-old high school student Caiden Wheeler found himself in a life-threatening situation during only his second pizza delivery outing when he was shot at multiple times upon mistakenly pulling into the wrong driveway in Ashland City’s N Poole Street around 8:00 p.m.

Reflecting on the terrifying incident, Wheeler expressed the gravity of the situation, considering the barrage of bullets aimed at him as nothing short of attempted murder. As he was about to leave after delivering the pizza to the correct address, Ryan Babcock, 32, allegedly fired his handgun seven times, targeting Wheeler’s truck’s driver’s side below the gas tank, the wheel, and just above the window.

Law enforcement retrieved seven shell casings from the scene, with Babcock later informing authorities that his Ring camera footage led him to believe his car was being broken into, prompting him to take action.

Wheeler, although not in a marked vehicle, was unmistakably dressed in his Domino’s uniform and carrying a pizza delivery bag when the shooting occurred. While acknowledging the importance of firearm possession for self-defense, Wheeler contended that firing upon someone merely for pulling into a driveway was unwarranted and unjustifiable.

The incident has prompted Wheeler and his family to advocate for Babcock to face more severe charges, suggesting attempted homicide rather than aggravated assault. The decision on charges lies with the District Attorney, with Babcock currently out on bond pending his arraignment scheduled for June 12.

Source: NewsChannel 5

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