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Scottsdale Police Release Video of Officers Fatally Shooting Laquanza Young

Police say that suspect Laquanza Young was driving a stolen car.

Deadly police shooting in Scottsdale: Laquanza Young shooting video released.

Suspect Laquanza Young. Credit SPD

Scottsdale Police released a new video Wednesday night of a police shooting that happened on March 21.

During the evening rush hour near Scottsdale and Cactus roads, police say their officers fatally shot Laquanza Young who shot at them after being pulled over in a stolen car.

We want to warn you that the video is graphic.

On Wednesday, the Scottsdale Police Department unveiled graphic body-camera footage capturing the intense exchange between officers and a suspect, culminating in the fatal shooting of 52-year-old Laquanza Young over a month ago.

The edited video reveals officers positioning themselves behind Young’s SUV at the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Cactus Road on March 21, just before 5:30 p.m.

As Young enters the left turn lane, the officer activates his emergency lights, prompting Young to halt at the intersection and exit his vehicle. With his rifle in hand, the officer commands Young to remain inside the SUV, though the exact dialogue is obscured by narration in the department’s release.

In response, Young opens fire, prompting two officers to return fire. Despite being shot at, Young re-enters his SUV, brandishing a firearm at the officers. Police continue firing until they determine there is no longer a threat to themselves or the surrounding community.

The body-cam footage only features one officer, as the second officer failed to activate their camera. Tragically, Young succumbed to his injuries inside the SUV, while no officers sustained any harm during the confrontation.

Scottsdale Police Department Video Summary

On March 21, 2024, Scottsdale police officers attempted a traffic stop on a reported stolen vehicle when no other vehicles were in front of it. The vehicle unexpectedly came to an immediate stop prior to entering the intersection, and the driver came out of the vehicle, shooting at the officers. Our officers were forced to return fire to protect themselves and the surrounding community.

Source: FOX 10 Phoenix

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