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Two Mothers Drugged and Raped in Bahamas During Carnival Cruise

The women said they were assaulted on the Grand Bahamas Island during a Carnival cruise.

Moms say they were drugged and assaulted in the Bahamas during a Carnival cruise vacation.

UPDATE: Two resort staffers in the Bahamas were arrested after a pair of American women on vacation said they were drugged and assaulted, police said.

Two Mothers Drugged and Raped in Bahamas During Carnival Cruise. Credit: GMA

The two women claim they were sexually assaulted by resort staff after drinking drugged cocktails on a stop on Grand Bahama Island during a Carnival cruise.

A vacation intended to be a joyful escape turned into a harrowing ordeal for two Kentucky mothers, Dongayla Dobson and Amber Shearer, when they allege they were drugged and sexually assaulted at a resort in the Bahamas during a stopover from their Carnival cruise.

The lifelong best friends embarked on their Carnival cruise on February 1, relishing the initial days at sea and exploring Nassau. However, their idyllic trip took a distressing turn upon docking at Freeport on Grand Bahama Island.

Dobson and Shearer recount being served two drinks each by resort staff, a common occurrence at all-inclusive resorts. After consuming their drinks, they suddenly lost consciousness and awoke to the horror of unknown men assaulting them.

In a panic, Shearer fled, screaming for help, while both women documented bruising on their bodies and sought assistance from Bahamian police. Despite their pleas for medical care and evidence collection, they claim they were denied proper assistance until they returned to the Carnival cruise ship.

Back on the ship, drug tests allegedly revealed traces of various substances, and rape kits confirmed their claims of assault. Dobson and Shearer have since engaged American law enforcement and legal teams, accusing two resort staff members of the assault.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force announced the arrest of two men in connection with the case and affirmed their cooperation with the FBI. However, the women assert that Carnival did not inform them of the Level 2 travel advisory issued by the US Department of State regarding crime in the Bahamas.

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Source: ABC News

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