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Tyler Austin Messer Caught on Camera Trying to Shooting into Occupied Home

Tyler Austin Messer is being held on a $200,000 bond.

Tyler Austin Messer Caught on Camera Trying to Shooting into Occupied Home.

Alleged suspect Tyler Austin Messer. Credit Billy Brooks

Security camera footage captures the chilling moment a man dressed in camouflage stood on the porch of a McDowell County, North Carolina, home and pointed a gun toward a window.

A disturbing incident unfolded in McDowell County on Saturday night, captured on camera and sending shivers down the spines of those involved.

Preston McHone recounted the bone-chilling moment when, while folding laundry, he received a motion alert on his phone revealing a figure clad in camouflage aiming a gun towards their home. McHone swiftly alerted his partner, Billy Brooks, who initially questioned the seriousness of the situation.

Initially dismissing the possibility, they considered it might be a mistaken visit from law enforcement or a teen with an airsoft gun. However, video footage revealed the alarming truth as the armed intruder hastily retreated, seemingly due to a misfire.

Taking refuge inside their home, the couple awaited the arrival of law enforcement. Tyler Austin Messer, 29, was subsequently identified as the perpetrator and charged with assault by pointing a gun, trespassing, and stalking by the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office.

The incident wasn’t Messer’s first intrusion, as revealed by Brooks, who recalled previous uninvited visits. A year prior, a friend informed them that Messer had been seen near their property on multiple occasions.

The revelation left the couple unnerved, raising questions about their safety and the peacefulness of their home. With Messer now in custody on a $200,000 bond, they contemplate the unsettling possibility of having to uproot their lives due to the ordeal.

As the investigation unfolds, with additional charges expected, the motive behind Messer’s actions remains unclear, leaving the victims grappling with fear and uncertainty about their future security.

Source: The National Desk

McDowell County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina Press Release

UPDATE: Additional Charges Filed Against Deep Woods Gunman

Detective Kyle Gibson with the McDowell County Sheriff’s Office charged 29-year-old Tyler Austin Messer with 2 counts of felonious Attempted First Degree Murder and felonious Attempting to Discharge a Weapon into an Occupied Dwelling. These charges are in addition to the original charges files against him: Assault by Pointing a Gun, Trespassing and 2 counts of Stalking. Messer was issued a $1,000,000 secured bond.

On the night of March 23rd, deputies were dispatched to a residence on Deep Woods Dr. in Marion for a male subject with a rifle on the victim’s back porch. Messer attempted to discharge the weapon into the residence but was unsuccessful.

The suspect fled the scene and deputies were unable to locate him at that time. With video footage from the victim’s home surveillance cameras and the help of the community, detectives were able to identify the male suspect as Tyler Messer.

The investigation led detectives to the recovery of a rifle and other physical evidence belonging to Messer which led to the updated charges.

Source: WLOS News 13

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