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Victim Marlon Harris Releases Sacramento Home Invasion Video

Victim Marlon Harris says he lost his life savings.

A distressing incident unfolded in Sacramento as Marlon Harris, a 67-year-old Vietnam veteran, fell victim to a harrowing home invasion, resulting in the loss of his life savings in less than 30 seconds. Surveillance footage from Ring doorbell and security cameras chillingly captured the moment two masked individuals forcibly entered Harris’ residence, kicking in the front door before swiftly making their way to his bedroom where he stored his safe.

The perpetrators, armed and masked, exhibited a swift and calculated approach, breaking into Marlon Harris’ safe with a series of forceful kicks within mere seconds. Despite Harris’s attempts to deter them by yelling and creating noise, the invaders remained undeterred. The traumatic event serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability faced by individuals in their own homes.

Authorities are seeking assistance from the public in identifying these suspects. If anyone possesses information about the individuals involved in this alarming robbery, they are urged to send tips to [email protected], contributing to the ongoing efforts to bring those responsible to justice.

Suspects from victim Marlon Harris video. Credit KCRA News

Source: KCRA 3

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