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Violent Robbery of Sam’s Jewelers in Sunrise Mall Caught on Camera

Police report, the Sam's Jewelers robbery suspects fled the scene in a blue vehicle

The Citrus Heights Police Department is currently investigating a smash-and-grab incident that occurred at Sam’s Jewelers store inside Sunrise Mall on Sunday afternoon.

Alleged Sam's Jewelers robbery suspect. Credit CBS News Sacramento

According to authorities, three individuals entered Sam’s Jewelers, wielding hammers to smash display cases and making off with an undisclosed amount of jewelry from the establishment. Following the robbery, the group fled the scene in a blue vehicle, driving northbound on Sunrise Boulevard at approximately 12:27 PM.

The owner of the store, speaking off-camera to KCRA 3 News on Sunday afternoon, expressed concern for both his own safety and that of his team, as they were unaware of the identity of the perpetrators who had targeted their store earlier in the day.

Visible signs of the break-in included shattered display cases and glass strewn across the floor. The owner also provided security footage of the incident to KCRA 3.

According to the owner, the thieves specifically targeted the section of the store where gold and diamonds are showcased.

Source: CBS News Sacramento

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