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Woman Robbed at Her Biltmore Drive Home in Alamo Caught on Camera

A woman says she was followed to her home on Biltmore Drive in Alamo and robbed at gunpoint.

A terrifying incident unfolded in Alamo, where a woman found herself targeted and robbed at gunpoint shortly after returning to her home on Biltmore Drive from a department store excursion in Walnut Creek.

Woman Robbed at Her Biltmore Drive Home in Alamo Caught on Camera. Credit NBC Bay Area News

Upon arriving at her residence on Biltmore Drive in Alamo, the woman was confronted by masked assailants wielding an AK-47 assault rifle. These individuals, who had been tailing her from the department store, wasted no time in accosting her and demanding valuables.

Despite her pleas for mercy, the armed robbers proceeded to ransack the victim’s belongings, seizing jewelry before making a swift getaway in their awaiting vehicle. Law enforcement officers promptly initiated pursuit, but their efforts were thwarted when the suspects managed to evade capture, disappearing into the confines of the Caldecott Tunnel.

In a harrowing testimony, the victim recounted her desperate appeals to the perpetrators, emphasizing her status as a mother and beseeching them to spare her from harm.

The suspects, described as black males donning ski masks, left behind a trail of fear and uncertainty in their wake, underscoring the pervasive threat posed by such brazen acts of violence and criminality. As authorities continue their investigation into the incident, the community remains on edge, grappling with the unsettling reality of their vulnerability to such targeted assaults.

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Source: KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco

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