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Alleged Mail Thieves Caught on Camera, Police Union Says Fewer Officers to Blame

One mail robbery suspect who pointed a gun to the head of a mailman was sentenced to only 30 days in jail.

Bay Area mail crime ‘explodes’, postal police union blames dwindling force.

Alleged Mail Thieves Caught on Camera, Police Union Says Fewer Officers to Blame. Credit KTVU 2 News

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The Bay Area is grappling with a surge in mail-related crimes, with the postal police union attributing the spike to a shrinking force of officers.

On Sunday, US Postal Inspectors apprehended suspected mail thieves in the act, signaling proactive efforts to combat the issue. However, there are mounting concerns regarding the conviction and sentencing of perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law.

The magnitude of the problem is underscored by the drastic reduction in the Postal Service police force over the years. From a robust team of over 2,500 officers in 1980, the force has dwindled to a mere 450 officers today. This significant decline in manpower presents a formidable challenge in effectively combating mail-related crimes across the region.

The union representing postal police officers emphasizes the critical role of a robust law enforcement presence in curbing such criminal activities. With a diminished force, authorities face heightened difficulties in enforcing laws, investigating incidents, and ensuring justice for victims.

Efforts to address the escalating issue extend beyond apprehension to securing convictions and appropriate sentencing for offenders. However, the efficacy of these measures is compromised by resource constraints stemming from the shrinking postal police force.

As mail-related crimes continue to escalate, there is a pressing need for comprehensive strategies to bolster law enforcement capabilities, enhance collaboration between agencies, and deter criminal activities targeting postal services. Only through concerted efforts and adequate resources can authorities effectively combat this growing threat and safeguard the integrity of the postal system.

Source: KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco

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