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Anaheim Police Release Video of Police Shooting Abigail Lopez

20-year-old Abigail Lopez was a resident of Anaheim.

The Anaheim Police Department has released several videos showing the officer-involved fatal shooting of Abigail Lopez.

Police report they received 911 calls reporting a female armed with a gun. The female, later identified as Abigail Crystal Lopez, was reportedly pointing the gun at people.

When police found Lopez, she ignored repeated orders to drop the gun.

Police officers then shot Lopez when she pointed the gun at them.

The gun was later determined to be a replica of a gun and not a real gun.

Anaheim Police Release Video of Police Shooting Abigail Lopez

Source: Anaheim Police Department

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  1. All around sad. She was so young, and in trouble, acting out. Possibly mentally ill. Truth is, if you point a weapon at an officer, you have to know there will be an equal or exceeding response. I feel sad for the officer who now has to carry the PTSD this interaction will cause them.

    • That is the same way my son’s father died on April 6, 2007. He committed suicide by cop & he didn’t even point his replica pellet guns at the officers, they were retrieved from the vehicle after they had opened fire on him shooting him over 27 times. All around heartbreaking. I don’t know why they cannot shoot for the hand holding the weapon to disarm the suspect instead of shooting to kill or shooting painful paint pellet dummy bullets which would knock the wind out of the suspect but not kill them. We need new policing laws for sure as well as better psychiatric testing for law enforcement officers.

  2. Yes, tragic loss of a young life. Loss not need to be. Regardless of whom may carry the fault, guilt, pain. She is a special victim by the state of California. Double standard in the country we live in. Personally I knew her, she was my friend. I believe “Justice Prevails”

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