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Child SnapChats Photo of Herself Being Molested in Call for Help

The child victim used SnapChat to document evidence of the crime.

Bondsman: ‘Total failure’ of deputies, judge after deputies say child Snapchat’s her own sex assault.

The man leading the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office says an 11-year-old girl used Snapchat to capture her 56-year-old sex abuser in the act, then sends the images to her friend to call for help.

But there’s so much more to how the sheriff’s office handled this…and a bail bondsman’s efforts to get someone to do something about the suspect’s $20,000 “garbage” bond and deputies’ failure to investigate the accused’s immigration status for nearly a week.

Child SnapChats Photo of Herself Being Molested in Call for Help. Credit: Queen City News

Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office Press Release


January 12, 2024

In response to a Queen City News story and a few inaccurate social media posts, I would like the citizens of Chesterfield County to know the facts of the case and the efforts our office took to ensure the safety of the young girl mentioned.

1. On October 25, the original report was made. Our officers responded to the complainant and arranged for DSS to respond and notified an investigator.

2. An investigator certified in forensic interviewing of children responded to the office. Our investigator met with the victim the same evening and took a full statement.

3. The defendant and the victim’s legal guardian were questioned the same night. During this interview, our officer leamed that the defendant worked for Jordan Seidhom, a local businessman, and was married to the victim’s legal guardian, a US citizen.

4. Our investigator worked with DSS and a private citizen that night to prevent the victim’s placement in
DSS custody. At that time, the temporary guardian was informed by our office that a bond hearing would be held the following day, Contact information for the temporary guardian was provided to the magistrate’s court for further notification as to the exact time of the bond hearing.

5. A CCSO supervisor with our detention center spoke personally with the temporary guardian notifying her of the bond hearing time. The guardian notified the supervisor that she neoded to spenk with the judge who would be setting bond. This documentation was provided to Jody Barr, but he chose not to use this information in his story.

6. A victim advocate from our office did not attend the bond hearing as we had no information that the victim or her temporary guardian would be attending the hearing.

7. The paperwork provided by our office to the detention center and the Bond Court included the report detailing the assault and the defendant’s Mexican identification documents so that the court would be informed of his status.

8. Ethan Foard contacted our office seeking to gain the defendant’s release on bond.

9. The process to seek an ICE detainer was not initiated until a few days later. And on October 31, an ICE hold was placed on the defendant. Since his arrest, he has not been released from the CCSO Detention Center.

10. Since the defendant’s arrest 2 and ½ months ago, I have not been contacted by either Seidhom or Foard questioning the process followed in this case, complaining about my officers” actions, or expressing concern about the victim’s safety.

This office uses social media to inform you about dangerous situations or to request your help on certain investigations. I will not respond through our social media presence to personal attacks or the use of social media to advance someone’s personal interest. When I took office, I committed to an accessible and transparent office. My policy has always welcomed citizens’ complaints or questions. My contact numbers are public information. This office will continue to fulfill our obligation to the victims of this and other crimes in Chesterfield County, always striving to improve upon the services that we provide to you. 1 would like to thank all of the CCSO officers who worked to get an alleged child molester off our streets.

Source: Queen City News

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  1. My daughter’s drunk driver killer only got a $1,500 bond. That’s what the judge decided was appropriate for a 46 year old man who caused a mass casualty incident involving 7 vehicles, killing my daughter, injuring 7 others and causing permanent disabilities in 3 of the victims.

  2. I’m glad her mother was charged. She’s not fit to take care of a dog, much less a child. I hope all the children in that “home” are immediately removed. To not believe a child is horrific. The man is a scumbag. He’s an illegal alien. He needs to be deported. If course, he will do what all of the other illegals do, cross right over the border again.

    Congratulations are in order for the officer who escalated the illegal status.

    The man who killed my daughter is a “naturalized” citizen who was naturalized while he had two pending felony charges for assault and battery in Virginia and Florida. It baffles me how someone can be made a citizen with pending felony charges. He has continued to break the law. My daughter’s killer, Luis Javier Quinones only served 2.5 months in jail.

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