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Eric Seckington Shot and Killed by Altamonte Springs Police

Police say Eric Seckington had recently been released from a medical facility for mental health issues.

911 calls to Altamonte Springs police reporting a man walking around holding a rifle ended with police shooting and killing Eric Seckington.

Suspect Eric Seckington. Credit: Altamonte Springs Police

Altamonte Springs Police Department Press Release Re: Eric Seckington Shooting

UPDATE: Officer Involved Shooting

Case Number: 2024CJ002033

Release Date: February 7, 2024

At approximately 5:34 p.m. on February 6, 2024, the Altamonte Springs Police Department (ASPD) responded to a 911 emergency call from a resident in the River Run neighborhood of Altamonte Springs regarding a man who was walking house to house armed with a rifle.

Officers arrived in the neighborhood and made contact with Eric Seckington, 65, who had attempted to conceal himself behind a fence with the rifle. Officers repeatedly ordered Mr. Seckington to put the gun down, but he refused to surrender the rifle. Mr. Seckington emerged from atop the fence and began to level the rifle. An officer was forced to neutralize the threat and fired at Mr. Seckington causing him to fall backward and drop the weapon. Officers converged on Mr. Seckington’s location and began life-saving measures. ASPD officers were assisted by the Seminole County Fire Department. Unfortunately, he did not survive.

Mr. Seckington had a history of violence, conflicts with neighbors, and issues related to mental health. Over the past year, there have been approximately 40 calls for service that included multiple attempts to connect him with mental health resources or to peaceably resolve conflicts he was having with others. Recently, the ASPD Community Engagement Officers, who are specially trained and equipped with resources to assist individuals who may be in crisis or dealing with mental health issues, had interactions with Mr. Seckington.

Two weeks ago, ASPD Community Engagement Officers, along with Aspire Mobile Response Team mental health professionals, engaged with Mr. Seckington and were able to get him care at a treatment facility. Mr. Seckington recently returned to his residence after being released by medical staff.

Yesterday, as a result of numerous conflicts with neighbors, there was a hearing in the Seminole County court system regarding a request for an injunction for protection against Mr. Seckington. The injunction was requested by a neighbor. The judge approved the injunction. Within 10 minutes of the injunction being entered into local law enforcement databases, dispatch received a 911 call about Mr. Seckington going to multiple houses while carrying a rifle in a threatening manner. In response to the call, the ASPD went to the River Run neighborhood and encountered Mr. Seckington.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) is conducting an independent investigation of this incident. There is body-worn camera footage, and it will be released by the City once approved by the FDLE. In the meantime, we are releasing the 911 call and past year history of calls for service.

Source: WESH 2 News

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