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Gary Michael Moyer Wanted on Million Dollar Warrant by Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office

Deputies release photo of wanted fugitive Gary Michael Moyer.

Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

A $1,000,000 FELONY warrant has been issued for the arrest of Gary Michael Moyer for the crimes of Burglary- 2nd Degree, Theft-1st Degree and Motor Vehicle Theft. The charges are the result of several crimes investigated by Kitsap County Sheriff’s Detectives.

Moyer is also wanted for questioning by Detectives from the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office as well as multiple agencies in the region for various crimes.

Moyer is already charged with the attempted theft of an ATM at a Chase Bank branch on SE Mile Hill Drive in South Kitsap County on December 12, 2022, and the November 21, 2022, theft of an Amazon delivery van on
Salmonberry Road in Port Orchard. He was released after posting $500,000 bail.

Source: Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page

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