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Mail Carrier Bruce Jennings Allegedly Brutally Attacked Caught on Camera

Victim Bruce Jennings said he's waiting to hear back from the Postal Inspection Service, and he wants justice.

Mail carrier Bruce Jennings was brutally attacked on the job by the suspect in Gardena.

Victim Bruce Jennings allegedly attacked by suspect. Credit Fox 11 Los Angeles

Neighbors are upset after a beloved postal carrier was viciously beaten by a suspect while delivering mail in a Gardena neighborhood. The brutal assault was captured on surveillance cameras as the victim, Bruce Jennings, had just finished delivering mail to a home located near Hoover and 172nd Streets.

As he walked out of the driveway and toward the street, suddenly the male suspect, John Ross, 39, who appeared to be waiting, began yelling at Jennings. The victim continued walking away until the suspect suddenly punched Jennings in the back of the head, causing the mailman to drop all the envelopes he was holding.

A Gardena community finds itself on edge following a distressing incident involving a long-standing source of trouble in their neighborhood. The event unfolded when a man, known to be problematic in the area for years, launched a disturbing assault on a mail carrier while on duty, all captured on camera.

Video footage from a home security system depicts a man clad in gray confronting a U.S. mail carrier on the driveway of a residence last month. As the mail carrier continues his route, the man persistently follows and then strikes him from behind. The altercation stemmed from the man’s dissatisfaction over a missing package, which he believed should have been delivered to an ADA unit he had been occupying.

Recalling the incident, the mail carrier, with two decades of service, recounted the unsettling encounter. Fortunately, he escaped the assault without physical harm but felt compelled to share his story in the hope that the perpetrator would face appropriate consequences.

Expressing his stance, the mail carrier emphasized the importance of pursuing federal charges to the fullest extent of the law, advocating not only for himself but also for fellow carriers nationwide.

Neighbors identified the assailant as John Ross, a former member of the community notorious for causing trouble. Despite having left the area decades ago, Ross’s presence continues to be a disruptive force, with multiple instances of trespassing and numerous police reports filed against him.

Garrett Rodriguez, a resident in the vicinity, described Ross as a “terror” known to all in the community, highlighting his history of trespassing and disturbances dating back two decades.

Source: KTLA 5

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