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Massive Organized Retail Theft Ring Bust in Pacific Northwest

Two of the alleged suspects in the massive retail theft ring were a mother and daughter.

Massive organized retail theft ring bust.

Massive Organized Retail Theft Ring Bust in Pacific Northwest. Credit FOX 13 Seattle

A group of people, some of them related, were busted in an alleged multi-state retail theft ring. They stole over $500,000 of high-end merchandise.

Bellevue Police Department Press Release

Earlier this week, investigators with the Bellevue Police Department took down a major West Coast organized retail theft ring that police say is responsible for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in merchandise.

The suspects, 24-year-old Janeice Downs, 19-year-old Reality Leavens, and 49-year-old Janeice Wiley, Downs’ mother, were formally charged today in King County Superior Court.

Downs and her accomplices are alleged to have, on a regular and ongoing basis as recently as April 7th, committed documented retail thefts totaling over $537,000 on at least 42 different occasions.


Bellevue police have made significant strides in combating organized retail crime by apprehending members of a theft crew accused of stealing over $500,000 worth of luxury apparel and activewear from Lululemon and various other retailers across Western Washington and Northwest Oregon.

According to investigators, the crew targeted at least 42 stores during their spree. The thefts were characterized by boldness, with suspects entering stores disguised as ordinary shoppers and efficiently absconding with overflowing bags and handfuls of stolen merchandise.

Source: FOX 13 Seattle

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  1. I see it all the time at the store I work at, nothing we can do ( cops won’t even come) and if they did they wouldn’t do anything, a lot of the theft is ammunition (a felony)

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