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Phuong Jewelry Store Robbery by Mob of Armed Robbers Caught on Camera

The owners of the Phuong Jewelry Store say the robbers stole almost all their merchandise within a just a few minutes.

In one of the most audacious armed daytime robberies witnessed in Oakland, one of the city’s oldest jewelry stores is now grappling with the aftermath.

Phuong Jewelry Store Robbery by Mob of Armed Robbers. Credit Phuong Jewelry

The harrowing incident unfolded at Phuong Jewelry in Oakland’s Chinatown on Wednesday around 12:30 p.m., marking the most egregious robbery the family-owned establishment has endured in its more than 40 years of operation.

Tony Trinh, reflecting on the ordeal, expressed shock at the unprecedented level of brazenness displayed during the robbery, which involved eight individuals and two getaway cars, all brandishing firearms. Trinh’s mind raced with concern for his family and staff’s safety, fearing the worst amidst the chaos.

Surveillance footage captured 69-year-old mother Diane taking cover and pleading for assistance as the perpetrators systematically smashed nearly every display case and pillaged the store. With no security guard present, Diane’s 76-year-old husband intervened, brandishing a firearm and prompting the suspects to flee in fear.

Source: ABC7 News Bay Area

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