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New Laws in California for 2024

New laws in California will include speed cameras in some California cities.

A slew of new laws in California for 2024 promise to make some people happy and some people sad and will include traffic speed cameras in some cities and no more of those irritating hidden fees when buying certain services online.

Another new law regarding: Possession and Relinquishment of Firearms

Defendants participating in mental health diversion will no longer be able to own or possess firearms, if ordered by the court under AB 455. Firearms can also be confiscated when a domestic violence protective order is issued or at the scene of a domestic violence incident (AB 818). Under AB 732, defendants must relinquish all firearms within 48 hours of a conviction on a relevant offense if the defendant is out of custody. Courts will have the authority to issue hearing dates and/or search warrants to confirm the relinquishment of firearms.

A new law under AB 28 will establish a tax on licensed firearm dealers, manufacturers, and ammunition vendors to fund anti-gun violence programs, and any excess tax generated after a certain threshold will support a court-based firearm relinquishment grant program.

In addition, anyone prohibited from possessing firearms will be prohibited from possessing body armor and must relinquish any in their possession under AB 92.

Source: NBC Bay Area News

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