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San Bernardino Sheriff Releases Video of Deputies Shooting Kidnapper Anthony Graziano

Savannah Graziano had allegedly been abducted by her father Anthony Graziano.

San Bernardino Sheriff Press Release Re: Anthony Graziano Shooting

On March 27, 2024, The Sheriff’s Department released the critical incident video of a lethal force encounter that occurred on September 27, 2022, in Hesperia, California, involving murder suspect Anthony Graziano and his daughter Savannah Graziano.

Anthony Graziano Kidnapped 15-Year-Old Savannah Graziano. Credit Fontana PD

Immediately following the incident, I shared preliminary information and answered questions from the media to maintain transparency throughout the process. However, I turned over the investigation to the Department of Justice (DOJ) pursuant to Assembly Bill 1506 (AB 1506).

The DOJ investigation is ongoing, and we are unable to release further details of the investigation. As part of this investigation, the DOJ requested materials and evidence from the Department. In April 2023 the Department encountered a ransomware attack that delayed providing DOJ the requested information. As of March 29, 2024, all the requested information has been provided.

My hope is that this video will be watched in its entirety and provide insight into the unfortunate events that unfolded that day. There has been speculation and misrepresentations about this case, and I would ask the public to allow the DOJ to complete its independent investigation before reaching a conclusion.

-Sheriff Shannon Dicus

Source: San Bernardino Sheriff

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