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Scottsdale Police Release Video of Alleged Dinner-Time Burglars Caught on Camera

Police say dinner-time burglars are part of a gang from South America.

Scottsdale police say break-ins by dinner-time burglars tied to South American crime ring.

The suspects are targeting homes either backed up to a golf course or a wash and are simply hopping into backyards to get inside of homes, police said.

Scottsdale Police Release Video of Alleged Dinner-Time Burglars Caught on Camera. Credit: SPD

Scottsdale Police Department Press Release Re: Dinner-Time Burglars

Scottsdale, Arizona (JANUARY 25, 2024) Between November 1, 2023, and January 23, 2024, Scottsdale Police have had 21 reported dinner-time burglaries occurring in residences along washes and golf courses. This trend is related to a larger, nationwide series that has been occurring over the last several years. Multiple valley agencies have been affected in Arizona, and we are working collaboratively to investigate these crimes.

These burglaries typically occur in the early evening hours, usually when the homeowners are not home. Burglars usually steal smaller items with large cash value, which include jewelry and purses. We have had 18 incidents in the Foothills District area (Cactus Rd north to Cave Creek Rd) and three incidents in Via Linda District neighborhoods (Cactus Rd south to McDonald Rd).

The Scottsdale Police Department is putting additional police resources in place. Using data from our Crime Analysis Unit, we are directing our efforts to the neighborhoods most affected by this trend.

Here are some safety tips Scottsdale Police wanted to provide: When leaving your home, please remember to lock your doors, set your alarms, and look out for your fellow neighbors. Interactive cameras are a great way to gather real-time information on the activities in and around your home that not only gather evidence but allow you to notify the police of crimes in progress. Motion sensor lights help illuminate dark areas and give criminals additional thought before breaking into homes. Shatter-proof window tinting stops criminals from being able to enter your home by shattering the glass. Also, consider joining a neighborhood watch group, which gives everyone additional eyes and ears in the community.

Remember to call 911 for in-progress crimes or our non-emergency number of (480) 312-5000 to report suspicious activity. If you see something, say something.

Source: 12 News

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