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Police ID Fred Farnham as Serial Killer in 1970’s Deaths of Nellie Ann Hicks and Theresa Pica

Police using DNA evidence solve two cold case murders.

In a significant breakthrough, authorities in the East Bay have made progress in solving a longstanding cold case involving the murders of two women dating back to the 1970s. On Thursday, investigators officially identified Fred Farnham as the prime suspect responsible for the unsolved killings, which tragically involved both sexual assault and murder.

Serial killer Fred Farnham. Credit: Hayward and Newark PD's

These cases, which had languished unresolved for decades, gained renewed attention as law enforcement agencies committed additional resources to crack them. Through meticulous investigation and persistent efforts, authorities were able to establish a connection between Fred Farnham and the deaths of Nellie Ann Hicks and Theresa Pica.

A pivotal moment in the pursuit of justice occurred during a press conference convened to announce this breakthrough. Alongside police officers, the youngest son of Nellie Ann Hicks, one of the victims, addressed the public. The identification of a suspect in these cold cases marks a significant milestone, offering hope for closure to the victims’ families after enduring years of uncertainty and anguish. It signifies the unwavering dedication of law enforcement in seeking accountability for heinous crimes, ensuring that those responsible are brought to justice and that the memories of the victims are honored.

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Source: ABC7 News Bay Area

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