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Study Suggests Nearly a Thousand Georgians Arrested Due to Faulty Field Drug Tests

Investigation reveals thousands of Americans are arrested each year based on faulty drug field tests.

I-Team: Study: Nearly 1,000 Georgians wrongly arrested due to false positive drug field tests.

ATLANTA – A new study from the Penn Cary Law School at the University of Pennsylvania suggests 961 Georgians each year are falsely arrested because law enforcement wrongly trusted the results of a roadside drug test.

These $2 disposable tests are popular among police to immediately determine whether a substance found at a traffic stop or crime scene is an illegal drug.

Drug field test kits used by law enforcement. Credit Fox 5 Atlanta

Source: FOX 5 Atlanta

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  1. This happened to me I was arrested for a peppermint wrapper and no one listened to me or believed me until my life had been completely ruined this arrest caused me to lose my newborn son to dfcs who was then murdered by his foster parents at 7 months old I was young and I was already on probation for a mistake I made in my early 20’s so the new charge caused my probation officer and judge to sentence me to 15 months in prison and when being arrested I was 6 weeks pregnant while waiting to go to prison the district attorney came to see me in regards to the pending possession charge to inform me that it tested negative for any illegal substance and was a candy wrapper and all charges had been dismissed but even though I was innocent I still had to go to prison and have my now 7 year old daughter in prison alone and terrified and then lost my home of 26 years. All because I was arrested for a peppermint wrapper

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