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TikToker Known as “Black Biden” Helps Capture Suspected Child Predator Caught on Camera

A TikToker known as “Black Biden,” says his mission in life is to protect children and minors.

TikToker, known as “Black Biden,” helps capture suspected child predators in Southern California.

TikToker Known as “Black Biden” Helps Capture Suspected Child Predator. Credit: KTLA 5

In Southern California, a local social media personality known as “Black Biden” has taken it upon himself to safeguard the community by apprehending suspects who target children. Expressing dissatisfaction with the perceived inadequacy of the criminal justice system, he has dedicated his efforts to protecting minors.

“Black Biden” spends his time engaging potential suspects through online messaging, assuming the guise of an underage individual. Upon arranging a meeting with a suspect, he promptly notifies law enforcement and records the ensuing confrontation as officers move in to make an arrest.

One of his documented encounters captures a suspected child predator, Cody Lane Oreiro, 41, of Hawthorne, creating chaos in a Carl’s Jr. fast-food restaurant as he attempts to evade apprehension by Long Beach police officers. Despite his attempts to flee, Oreiro is eventually subdued and arrested by law enforcement.

Oreiro faces charges of arranging a meeting with a minor for lewd purposes and resisting arrest. “Black Biden” continues his mission to protect children, using his social media platform to raise awareness and promote accountability for those who prey on vulnerable members of society.

Source: KTLA 5

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