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Brandie Gotch Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Children in Park

Authorities say that Brandie Gotch was allegedly angry over her child being bullied at school.

Peoria, Arizona mom Brandie Gotch accused of allegedly driving a truck toward kids in a park.

Brandie Gotch Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Children in Park. Credit Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Court documents say the mom allegedly grabbed one of the kids by the hair, pulling him back and forth and chased them with a sharp stick.

Police reported that on Tuesday, a mother engaged in a disturbing altercation at a Peoria park, allegedly running over a girl and threatening other children over perceived bullying incidents.

According to court records, Brandie Gotch, 30 years old, allegedly drove her white Chevy Silverado to WestGreen Park located at 87th Avenue and Butler Drive, north of Northern Avenue, at approximately 4 p.m. She confronted a group of children, initiating a heated argument with them.

Witnesses stated that Gotch allegedly forcefully grabbed a 14-year-old boy by his hair, aggressively shaking his head from side to side while shouting at him. Subsequently, she purportedly retrieved a sharp stick from her vehicle and pursued the boy, threatening him with the ominous words, “I am going to kill you and run you over!”

The incident, which unfolded in broad daylight, shocked bystanders and alarmed law enforcement officials. Gotch’s actions, fueled by apparent frustration over alleged bullying, escalated into a volatile confrontation that endangered the safety and well-being of the children present at the park.

The Peoria Police Department swiftly intervened, responding to the distressing scene at WestGreen Park. Gotch was subsequently arrested and charged with multiple offenses related to the altercation, as detailed in court documents.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the grave consequences of confrontational behavior and the importance of addressing disputes through peaceful and lawful means. Authorities continue to investigate the matter, emphasizing the need for community cooperation in promoting safety and harmony within neighborhoods and public spaces.

Source: AZFamily | Arizona News

Source: Fox 10 Phoenix

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